Where you can get an Eco Surf Grip Mad Wax is at Happy Planet Surf Project.

Welcome to my blog Spirit Kooks.

I would like to announce that officially Mad Wax has been released on the Gold coast.

Mad Wax is the surfing wax. The brand name is Eco Surf Grip Mad Wax.

It's eco friendly product which is sustainable surf goods for protects our beautiful planet.

This is so cool. Because its handcrafted by Gold coast local resident guy who came from Japan in 2002, YES! it's Me.

Mad Wax has all the best ingredients are the natural and consider the environment, including bee's wax from bee keeper, organic coconuts oil from health shop, tree resin from Ballina NSW.

If you are interested in this eco surf grip, now you could go to Rocket ace-eco surfboards in Ashmore.

Talk to the shaper, Shane Luke, he is awesome mate who creates a lot of different design sustainable surf boards in his factory and sells some in his shop next door at Happy Planet Surf Project.

There are a lots of sustainable surf products in the shop so go there and have a look what you can find out and then grab an Eco Surf Grip Mad Wax or two.

All for your eco mind and super grip.

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog.

Im hoping to see you all in the line up.